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The Insider Dev Tour is for developers interested in building Microsoft 365 experiences today, using the latest developer technologies, as well as for those who want a peek into the future. If you can read code, this is for you, regardless if you are a beginner, expert, student, or hobbyist developer!

The morning anchor session will give you a demo and code-focused overview of the new developer technology coming out of Redmond. We’ll cover Windows, Azure, Office, AI and more, so that you are up-to-date and able to make informed decisions when picking from the latest technology for your next project.

In the afternoon, we will drill down into the code. You will learn to build native Win32/XAML apps and Progressive Web Apps, and take advantage of the latest Windows 10 capabilities. You’ll learn how to add AI (Artificial Intelligence) into your projects, how to connect with new ecosystems using the Microsoft Graph, and how to bring your experiences into the next dimension through Mixed Reality.

The tour is an opportunity to connect directly with leads and engineers from Redmond, as well as regional industry leads and Microsoft Developer MVPs. We’re excited to meet you in person! #InsiderDevTour

Agenda (tentative)
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Opening Keynote - learn about all the exciting new Microsoft development technologies!
Modernize your Existing Apps for Windows 10 Millions of developers have been relying on Win32, WPF and WinForms to build complex applications, and millions of new projects are created using these same technologies today. UWP is a great technology to build new modern applications on Windows 10 but rewriting an application from scratch is always a tough decision. In this session you’ll learn how you can keep your existing assets, leverage MSIX for safer and reliable deployment, start adding modern features and controls to your applications at your own pace to leverage the power of Windows 10 and make your users more productive today.
Get the Most Out of your Web App With a PWA As web developers, we have used JavaScript /HTML to develop fantastic apps of all kinds, but until recently there has been a divide between what can be done with a web app and a native app. A new class of apps called Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is helping bridge that gap by enabling extremely native-like features in our Web Apps: offline functionality, background activity, native API layers and even app store listings. We’ll show you how Web developers can take their code meant for the browser, and extend it to become cross-platform, Progressive Web Apps.
Create Productive Apps with Office 365 Office 365 provides the core creative tools for over 120 million monthly active users -- and while there are many amazing capabilities within it, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness and productivity of users by tailoring the apps to roles or tasks. From deep web extensions across Office products to new ways to extend conversations in Microsoft Teams, see key ways to make your users more productive and effective by integrating with Office 365.
Drive User Engagement Across All your Devices with Microsoft Graph Learn how you can build experiences that work for users across Windows, iOS, Android, and more. Microsoft Graph enables smart contextual experiences, user insights, and advanced features like pick up where you left off and timeline integration. Microsoft Graph is the intelligence that can connect your applications.
Get Started with Machine Learning Machine Learning has moved out of the lab and into production systems. Understanding how to work with this technology is one of the essential skills for developers today. In this session, you will learn the basics of machine learning, how to use existing models and services in your apps, and how to get started with creating your own simple models.
Build Mixed Reality Apps Virtual and Augmented Reality have incredible potential to enhance how we work, play and learn. The Windows Mixed Reality platform combines AR and VR into a single API set for developers and provides maximum reach by making spatial computing available to mainstream devices. In this session you will learn how to build a highly immersive mixed reality experience, using Unity, that can run on multiple devices.
Q&A Ask all your questions!

Address: Microsoft Chile
Avenida Vitacura 6844
7550000 Las Condes
Santiago Metropolitano
Date/Time: 8:30AM-5:30PM July 5, 2018
Language: Sessions at this event will be conducted in Spanish

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Estimado [nombre de mi jefe],

Cordial saludo.

Me gustaría atender al Microsoft Insider Dev Tour el 5 de julio en Santiago. El Insider Dev Tour es un evento de Microsoft que es gratuito, de un solo día, local, orientado a desarrolladores, y que brinda lo último en tecnología y conocimiento práctico, otorgado directamente por la gente que desarrolló el producto. El contenido del evento, por sí solo, ya es digno del viaje, pero la oportunidad de hacer networking con empleados de Microsoft, expertos en sus áreas, me ayudará en mi labor acá.

Acá le presento dos formas en las que mi asistencia al Insider Dev Tour le ayudarán a [nombra de la compañía] a fortalecerse:

● Las presentaciones y sección de preguntas y respuestas son relevantes para mis funciones diarias y mi crecimiento. Adicionalmente, obtendré una idea del amplio plan de desarrollo de Microsoft, así como de conocer en profundidad acerca de tecnologías vigentes y futuras para construir aplicaciones de Windows y extender Office 365.

● Hacer networking con otros asistentes, con líderes de la comunidad, y con ingenieros de Microsoft, es altamente recomendados. De esta forma, podré hablar con personas que han resuelto problemas similares a los que encuentro en mi trabajo.

El evento es gratuito, por lo que todo lo que necesito es el día para asistir. Puede conocer más sobre el evento visitando http://insiderdevtour.com. No dude en hacerme saber si tiene alguna duda o pregunta. ¡Me encantaría poder asistir a este evento!

Muchas gracias. Respetuosamente,

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